Think you can’t afford Life Insurance?

Think Life Insurance is Expensive – Think Again

Funeral Insurance, Final Expense Insurance

You had life insurance in place through most of your life because you knew it was the right thing to do. After all, you didn’t want to leave this world and leave a debt for your funeral with your loved ones you left behind. However, somehow during your adult life, emergencies just seemed to be unmanageable, and you had to cash in your insurance so you could deal with those financial situations that were thrown at you. Moreover, you’re a senior with no insurance, and again, you’re feeling that leaving a debt for your surviving loved ones is just plain wrong. Guess what, funeral insurance is more affordable than you think!

You can Shop Final Expense Insurance Online

Back in the day, you had to get a hold of an agent over the phone and ask them to come by the house so you could try and get a policy even though you weren’t very healthy and didn’t have much to spend. You felt embarrassed because you had a great policy with low rates, but had to cash it in to make ends meet, right? Well, guess what, you are part of the normal, and there is no need to be embarrassed. Now, when you type “final expense insurance” into your search engine, you’ll get back about five million results from companies and agents that are just waiting to meet your needs.

There’s Tons of Information

If you have questions, there are answers available. When you need final expense insurance, there are always questions and the top companies have people standing by to provide the answers no matter what your situation may be. You’ll learn how to find the best rates, find the best payment plan, how to plan your funeral, and how to get your policy in force now. You’ll learn that if you are 85 and under, it’s not too late to take care of paying for your final expenses when your time comes. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you won’t be leaving a debt for your funeral with your loved ones and that you have taken care of things in advance.

What if I’m not very Healthy

Most people during their adult years of working, put their jobs ahead of their health and find that when it’s time to retire, their health is not what they figured it would be. That is perfectly normal. Final expense insurance companies know and understand that your health may have suffered over the years, and they are still willing to offer you coverage at very affordable rates.

You can get a policy issued that won’t break the bank and will offer you the coverage you need.

Even if you have health issues that you think will preclude you from getting coverage, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can get a policy in place without having a medical exam or answering any medical questions.

How much Insurance do I Need?

This is the number one question that most people ask. You’ve heard that funerals have gotten expensive, but you’re not sure what they cost lately. You’re going to discover that a moderately priced funeral today will cost about $9,000 and that is the starting point for your final expense insurance. There are other expenses that your loved ones may incur like helping to pay for travel expenses for some family members. Your best defense is a good offense. Take some time and do your research and planning. Most final expense insurance companies will offer you a free funeral planning guide that will allow you to provide directions for your loved ones. Most funeral directors are great people, but they are still looking to earn a living off of the passing of folks like you and me. Take the time necessary to research where your loved ones might be able to save some money and help them make financial decisions during a difficult time. Your final expense insurance professional can be a great asset to help you with the planning, so don’t be timid about asking the right questions. Here is a link to help you save some money: 10 Facts Funeral Directors May Not Tell You.

The Good News

The good news is that there are final expense insurance companies out there willing to offer you the coverage you need at an affordable rate. Even for the folks that may have serious health issues, there is coverage available that is affordable and easy to purchase. A guaranteed issue policy (no medical questions) will make it possible for you to purchase the insurance you need at an affordable price so that your loved ones aren’t stuck with the bill for your funeral.

It’s not too late if you’re uninsured. Take a few minutes online and you’ll discover there are hundreds of companies ready and willing to help you prepare for that day you know is coming, but hate to think about. is owned and operated by Future Media LLC