Can you get life insurance if you smoke?

Life insurance for smokers

Smoking is often an expensive habit. Cigarettes are expensive. A pack will cost you anywhere from $5 to $15 per pack, depending on where you live. Moreover, while the costs of cigarettes add up rapidly, the tolls on your body often result in a much higher payment – and you could end up paying the ultimate price – your life. But can you get life insurance if you smoke? The answer, while may surprising should come as good news for those who smoke.

The good news is yes, you can get life insurance even if you smoke. Although it’s been proven that smokers die roughly ten years earlier than non-smokers, and – for every smoking related death, there are 20 smoking relating serious illnesses, smokers can still receive a funeral insurance policy.  Take note however as someone who smokes, you will be forced to pay more for life insurance. Many times ‘more’ ends up being a lot of money.

Life Insurance and Smokers

A common misconception is those who smoke cannot qualify for a life insurance policy, but this is not true. Smokers can get coverage, but guaranteed term life plans can be costly. Let’s look at a quick comparison to see just how much your tobacco habit can cost you.

A healthy, non-smoker at the age of 45 will pay around $52 a month for a 20-year term life insurance policy. For the same policy and age, a smoking man will pay around $289 a month. That’s a huge difference!

The only way around these claims is if you’re in excellent shape. Smokers in perfect health featuring a high standard of fitness can qualify for preferred tobacco rates, not normal tobacco rates. Often, a physical and blood work will be required to qualify for these rates.

Should You Lie?

No! You should never, ever lie to your insurance agent. There is a little thing called insurance fraud that offers a variety of costly penalties. You may also be required to take tests for your policy and any physical will show you’re a smoker – if you do indeed, smoke. Just remember, you can still qualify no matter your lifestyle, so always always tell the truth. If you don’t, your policy may be voided and you won’t qualify for life insurance.

What Happens If I Quit?

If you purchase your term life insurance plan while you’re a smoker – you’ll be placed in the “smoker” risk group at first. You’re not stuck in this class for your whole life.

If you quit smoking – you can lower your premiums over time. Once you quit smoking, you can wait a year and then re-apply for a lower premium. Most of the time you’ll be required to take medical exams, urine tests, blood work, and more. Once you take the tests, you insurer will re-exam your situation and health before deciding whether to lower your monthly payment.

Avoiding Medical Exams

The good news is many Burial Insurance policies actually do not require a medical exam. While you will still be asked if you smoke, you do not need to take the rigourous physicals that accompany other forms of life insurance. Burial Insurance is meant to provide coverage to all walks of life, and provide peace of mind for your family left behind. So even if you smoke, you can still qualify for a no medical exam Burial Insurance policy. 

Can You Get Life Insurance If You Smoke?

Of course, you can! Insurance is about risk, and smoking greatly increases your risk of health-related issues and early death but you can still qualify for a policy. We highly recommend talking to one of our agents to help you out with your scenario, qualifying for a policy is easier than you think, even if you smoke. is owned and operated by Future Media LLC