Burial Pods- Turning your loved ones into Trees?

Burial Pod

We’ve all heard that we will return to once we’ve came, and the ol phrase “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust” but what about Dust to Tree?! A new company out of Italy is revolutionizing the way we look at Burials by introducing Burial Pods. It is a truly unique, and beautiful method of leaving a legacy for your loved ones when it comes time for a burial. The Capsula Mundi project by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, have created a organic, compostable burial pod that will turn your departed loved one, into a tree. The pod will use the bodies nutrients to help foster the growth of the tree so you literally become the tree.

The owner of these pods can select what type of tree they would prefer then upon death, they are placed in a fetal position in the burial pod and a sapling or tree seed, is planted above the pod. The decomposing bodies nutrients enriches the tree and the biodegradable capsule will in a very literal sense turn your loved one into a beautiful tree. The idea is to replace grim and stark cemeteries with beautiful and gorgeous memorial forests. It’s eco friendly and I personally love the thought of living on in form of a tree, where loved ones could come picnic under, or relax in the shade on a sunny day.

Select your tree

These Burial Pods also have a huge ecological impact, instead of destroying forests in order to harvest wood for coffins they are creating new forests which is good for everyone.

What does a Burial Pod cost?

Right now it is unclear what a Burial Pod will cost as it is still in the prototype phase, however, one thing is clear- Burial Insurance will cover expenses associated for a Burial Pod. In fact, we’ve already had this question from users and that is what is so great about a burial insurance policy, it is up to the policy owners discretion how they want to use the funds. Want a Burial Pod? Great. Rather be cremated or have a traditional burial? No problem. There is no regulations dictating on how the funds need to be spent, heck, you could get a memorial car if you wanted! If you have any doubts about insurance, get a free quote today.

We at Burialinsurance.org love the idea of Burial Pods, not only is it an incredibly unique way to remember your loved ones, but it impacts the world in an incredible way. Well done Capsula Mundi, we look forward to the updates and the day when memorial forests are the norm.

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