Burial Insurance Companies – Which is Best?

Burial insurance is a form of life insurance that is sold through private insurance companies.  For this reason, you have the choice of selecting which of the many burial insurance companies you wish to purchase your policy from.  Each of the burial insurance companies offers several different plans, each slightly different from what other companies have to offer.  In addition to being able to offer different policy values, burial insurance companies are able to choose how much they will charge for monthly premiums, so be sure to shop around and compare rates before you buy.  Or, click on the button to get a free quote.

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There are dozens of burial insurance companies in the United States, but they might not all be available in your particular state.  Be sure to purchase a policy only from a broker that represents a company that is licensed in your state.  It is illegal for an insurance broker or company to sell you a policy if they are not licensed in your state, yet some independent or less reputable companies might still attempt to sell you a policy.  If you are uncertain if they are licensed, check with the BBB or ask for their license number.

Some of the largest insurance companies include Lincoln Health and Life Insurance Corporation, Globe Life, New York Life, Met Life, and TransAmerica.  We have provided more detailed information about each company below.

LHLIC Burial Insurance

Globe Life Burial Insurance

Met Life Burial Insurance

Remember that each company offers a plan that is somewhat different and may not fit your needs as well as a plan that another company offers.  Be sure to shop around and get quotes from the companies you are interested in purchasing a policy from and see how much you will need to spend and what policy value you will be able to get.  In addition, click the Get Free Quote button to get a free policy quote immediately.

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