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Dead, White and Blue- The 4th is the Deadliest Weekend of the Year

The 4th of July is a time for fireworks, BBQ, and family. A holiday that is the quintessential memory of childhood summers, and the hope of amazing summers to come. But it holds a dark, grim secret. The 4th of July is hands down, the deadliest weekend of the year. It’s claimed countless lives (which […]

Burial Pods- Turning your loved ones into Trees?

We’ve all heard that we will return to once we’ve came, and the ol phrase “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust” but what about Dust to Tree?! A new company out of Italy is revolutionizing the way we look at Burials by introducing Burial Pods. It is a truly unique, and beautiful method of leaving […]

The Gift of Burial Insurance

“Getting old ain’t for wimps”, my grandmother always says. Not only is it physically straining, but it forces the conversation with death. Her death is often on my grandmother’s mind.  It’s evident that she considers it deeply– which comes across through macabre jokes, “Why don’t you come visit me now instead of when I’m 6-feet […]

A Viking Funeral in New Jersey?

Many people don’t dream of their “perfect funeral”, in fact many people avoid thinking about this all together. But one man knew exactly what he wanted out of his funeral and thanks to the US Coast Guard, he had the ultimate farewell.  According to USA Today, Andrew Haines a WWII veteran had been planning his […]

Can you get life insurance if you smoke?

Smoking is often an expensive habit. Cigarettes are expensive. A pack will cost you anywhere from $5 to $15 per pack, depending on where you live. Moreover, while the costs of cigarettes add up rapidly, the tolls on your body often result in a much higher payment – and you could end up paying the […]

Think you can’t afford Life Insurance?

Think Life Insurance is Expensive – Think Again You had life insurance in place through most of your life because you knew it was the right thing to do. After all, you didn’t want to leave this world and leave a debt for your funeral with your loved ones you left behind. However, somehow during […]

What Happens to your Facebook When You Die?

Have you ever wondered “What happens to my Facebook when I am dead?” With 74% of “online Adults” using Facebook, you can’t simply ignore this morbid, yet necessary question. Does it even matter? Well, surprisingly yes. Due to the major cyber security issues your family could face if not dealt with properly, you want to ensure […]

Is buying Burial Insurance Online the New Normal? Click here to learn more.

Buying Burial Insurance has changed, a lot. As part of the Baby Boomer generation, I can recall when most consumers ranked Life Insurance agents right down there with Used Car salesmen. In those days, you would get a telephone call (usually during dinner time), and the person on the line would assure you that if […]

How to Get Insurance- Even if You’ve Had Health Issues

Protecting Loved Ones from Final Expenses – Even If You Have a Health Issue Although nobody likes to dwell on it, planning for the inevitable is necessary for protecting those we love. This is because in many cases, we could otherwise leave our survivors with costly financial obligations – which could even lead to long-term […]

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