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5 Good Reasons To Get Senior Life Insurance

Senior Life Insurance: You Have Options It’s a common misconception that seniors can’t get life insurance. In fact, lots of life insurance companies will issue new policies up to age 80 or 85. As a senior, you might be able to choose from a full range of life insurance policies, including: 10-year term life: Often […]

Burial Insurance for Seniors: 10 Things You Should Know

Is burial insurance a good idea for seniors?  Maybe you’ve heard of burial insurance, or seen ads offering ‘low-cost life insurance for seniors.’ Some companies even tout burial insurance starting at just $1 per month for thousands of dollars of coverage.  But how true are those claims? Is burial insurance worth it? What’s the catch?  […]

2020 Guide to Burial Insurance

What is Burial Insurance? Burial insurance is a small-size, guaranteed life insurance policy intended for seniors. It offers lower death benefit amounts than other kinds of life insurance, typically providing up to $25,000 in coverage. The burial insurance proceeds can be used to pay for funeral costs, accounting, and other final arrangements. Qualification is not […]

2020 Guide to Final Expense Insurance

What is Final Expense Insurance? Final expense insurance is a life insurance policy for seniors. It’s meant to help families cover end-of-life costs, including a funeral, settling debts, and getting death certificates. Final expense insurance provides guaranteed coverage (meaning no medical exam) at a typically moderate cost. Most final expense policies are available in sizes […]

2020 Guide to Funeral Insurance

What is Funeral Insurance? Funeral insurance is a type of life insurance that helps seniors plan for final expenses. Funeral insurance usually offers coverage up to $25,000, relatively low rates, and does not require a medical exam to qualify. It’s geared toward paying for a funeral, which costs $6,000-$11,000 on average, but the payment can […]

Consumers Are Shocked About This Burial Insurance Fact In 2020

Consumers Are Shocked About This Burial Insurance Fact In 2020 Have you thought about getting a burial insurance policy? Now is the time. Why? Because the internet has brought about big changes in the insurance industry. Your local insurance company might not want you to know, but consumers are winning big. Burial Insurance Rates As […]

Advantages of Burial Insurance

Protect Your Family for as Little as $9/month with Burial Insurance Burial Insurance Makes A Big Difference Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences. Coping with the grieving and sadness can be overwhelming. The last thing you need on your mind is the stress of how to pay the unexpected high […]

All About Funeral Costs: Average Costs for Burial, Cremation, and Funeral Services

How much does a funeral cost? In 2019, a typical funeral costs between $6,000 and $11,000. Average funeral expenses include a casket ($2,500), funeral home fees ($3,000), care for the body ($1,300), burial or cremation, and other services. Funeral expenses can vary widely depending on the location and services selected by the family. Funeral cost […]

Is Final Expense Insurance, Really Final?

How to Use Your Burial Insurance Benefits Final Expense Insurance or Funeral Insurance is typically purchased by the policyholder to make certain that final expenses are paid for in the event of their death. Although these policies are referred to as Final Expense Insurance or Burial insurance, the life insurance policy used to fund the plan […]

Final Expense Insurance: What is it, and when to buy it.

Final Expense Insurance: What, Why, and When? Final Expense Insurance is a unique name given to an insurance policy that is designated for paying the final expenses of the policyholder. In reality, it is an act of love. It demonstrates the love the policyholder has for his or her surviving loved ones at a time […]

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